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Hello and welcome to my personal travel, and living abroad blog. I created this blog to keep a personal journal of my experiences whilst abroad. Read on to find out more about me, Stephanie Nicole.

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My name is Stephanie Nicole and I’m a young adult currently living and teaching abroad. After graduating from college, I applied for full-time positions back home in my career field – Education. I was hired as a Kindergarten Paraprofessional and within three months of working in that position I got hired at a different school as a Second Grade Teacher. I loved it! I got to work with kids at a great school in one of the top counties to work in the state of Georgia, and I had a wonderful team and administrative leaders to work with. But something was missing. After student teaching in Costa Rica – the last semester of college, I knew that I wanted to teach abroad again and make a mark in different places around the world. It was a hard decision leaving that school and team but I knew that I needed to do this for myself.

Years down the road, I knew I wanted to tell stories not wonder ‘why’ I didn’t do it.


Reason for the name: Connecting The Dots

Whenever I travel I first look for the similarities in a place. I don’t like to focus on the differences until I can make a connection with my surroundings to experiences from my past. After I take note of those, then I can begin to see the differences of the place I am in. Knowing that there are similarities, I am able to enjoy and really celebrate those differences. I never feel too far from my home back in Georgia because of those links I have made around me. As I travel, the more I get to see, which only helps me make stronger connections. The name Connecting The Dots was selected because each place I travel to or have been is a dot on the world and I use my previous experiences to connect those memories together.


This is what works for me, I’m not saying it would work for everyone.

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