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Extra Work Opportunity

About two weeks ago, OEG emailed all of their teachers here in Thailand asking if any of us would want to teach in March or April (Thailand’s summer months). The courses that they need teachers for are High School Prep, US History, and Public Speaking. I quickly emailed OEG back and within a week I was told that I had been given the position to teach one of the HS prep courses. These courses are for Thai students that are getting ready to head to America to study in high school.

I have officially accepted this extra teaching job that will take place during the middle of my travels and I will now be in Bangkok for two extra weeks teaching for 3 hours a day (10 teaching days total) in late April. I’m so excited that I was selected to teach this course. I will need to prepare these students what high school is like in America. I will probably have a post coming around comparing the two high school cultures. For those of you working in high schools now or have children in high school, I would for you to comment with some insights, and I’ll be sure to tell the Thai students.

What is most important for them to know? (this came off of my syllabus for the course)
  • Clubs, activities, and sports offered
  • Resources they will have available to them on campus
  • Types of student lifestyles in America
  • Types of American High Schools/systems
  • Consequences of plagiarism (not really a thing here in Thailand – this one is VERY important!)
  • Types of American Families
    • single-parent, families with/without children, multi-cultural, young/older, gay/lesbian, nuclear families, etc.
  • Differences in each region/state
    • I don’t know where all these students will be going yet so any insights to a variety of regions and states would be helpful
  • Difficulties they may have being in an all English environment (this is more extreme for a Thai speaker than a Spanish speaker)

And anything else you may think of, I would love the help! I want these kids to feel very prepared for this abroad experience in my home country. So, please, comment below!

KOB KOON (KHA/KRAB) – Thank you in Thai!

Hello, my name is Stephanie Nicole. I am a teacher, over-thinker, and obsessive picture taker. Currently, I am teaching English abroad.

4 Replies to “Extra Work With Some Extra Cash”

  1. In addition to all the things listed (they are all crucial to a successful high school experience), I have just a couple more considerations.
    Academics: High school courses usually move at a fast pace. Moreso for AP schools. A little less for title I. If they are having trouble understanding, before/after school tutoring will be a life saver. That way they get a more one-on-one setting to help them. Along with that, ASK QUESTIONS! encourage them to be advocating for themselves by speaking to the teachers. Study skills. READ!
    Extra Curriculars: there are so many clubs/organizations/sports. Read the bulletins. Listen to announcements. Ask teachers/counselors for ways they can get involved. To this, please speak about a proper BALANCE. They may want to tackle everything, but may also want to be cautious about taking on too much.
    Peers: as much as I’d like to think peer pressure doesn’t exist, it is very common. This includes bad and good peer pressure. You could mention some things they might run into (I.e. Drugs, underage drinking, not studying, etc.) those things are very real and not so hidden in any high school now a days. Not assuming they’ll partske, but just letting them know it exists. Same goes with good peer pressure in joining academic or community service based clubs, hanging out at the movies on the weekend, going to sporting events after school, etc.
    counselors: I’m biased with this one. Tehe. Utilize the counselors for anything. Any stress or disconnect might be overwhelming at first, so counselors can help ease that transition. They have many resources in all areas of high school to help them succeed.
    That’s all I’ve got for now! Keep in mind that these are considerations only based off my experience in a title I and AP school. All high schools look a little different though. Definitely highlight cultural and environmental differences.

    1. Yeah, I hope to find out more about their placements the first day I’m with them but it’s a fast moving course and I have so much to cover in the short amount of time. Also knowing how things work here in Thailand they may not know their placement schools just yet.

      I appreciate the reply! It will definitely help me better prepare these students.

  2. High school and college students who need help with schoolwork or preparing for standardized tests are increasingly turning to the Web for convenient tutoring. If you re a strong communicator and have teaching experience, you may find success as an online tutor.

    1. Thank you, Kip! I will look into this. Do you have any suggestions for websites that might be hiring tutors?

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