From Atlanta to Prague: Moving

Moving and Finding a Home

Once again I have found a new place to call home. This had to be the hardest move I’ve done so far. Luckily I had my dad join me for the challenge. When I went to Costa Rica I had a homestay already set up and when I was moving to Thailand my school was required to find housing for me and it was waiting for me when I got there. This time around it was all on me to find a place. I booked a hostel in the city just to have a place to stay until I located a home.

My dad joined me two days later to help me find a place. He rented a car which made is so much easier to travel the city quickly and see more than just the city center. Dad and I found a home for me in Vinohrady Prague 3. It’s a great location for young expats in the city. After starting work i figured out a lot of other teachers I work with live within 1-3 tram stops from me. Which is also walking distance if I don’t want to be lazy – haha. I also near a shopping mall – which is really nice because theres a grocery store, clothing shops, T-Mobile store, and so many other useful things just walking distance to me!


My room before I moved in.

Time Spent with Dad

While my dad was here we not only found a place for me to live but also made a trip to Ikea – his favorite place in the world…total sarcasm – we walked the city center multiple times and also took a day trip to a smaller town and saw a castle. The time spent together was really amazing! I have one heck of a dad for traveling over here to make sure I was set up nicely – even though I know it was more for his own sanity haha. Dad and I got to work trying to find a place for me to live and I was able to set up two viewings of flats the first one was in Vinohrady (a great place for expats in the city) and the second was closer to the city center. We went to the see the Vinohrady location and see the flat and I just felt like it was going to be a great place to live and that night I emailed the girl that showed me the flat and told her I would take the spare room!

I didn’t even go to the other flat because I knew the location was not as convenient as the Vinohrady one. And just like that I got a flat! Dad and I went to Ikea the next day and got me some things I would need right away. The next day we traveled to Karlštejn Castle (Hey dad – I know how to pronounce that now!!). It was a great day full of walking straight up hill, missing our tour time, and eating lunch and enjoying a Czech beer. Oh yeah – we missed our tour time… My mistake. But no worries they were very nice about it and let us join a different group even though it was already full.


On My Own

I have now been in the Czech Republic for more than a month and I have started to understand more about where I’m living and working. I have figured out public transportation – this city is so easy to get around once you figure this out. I still have more to learn with it but I’ve come along way. I have my yearly pass now so I’ll have to do is jump on a tram, bus or the metro and I’m good to go. I’m slowly learning a few words in Czech and how to pronounce the sounds we don’t have in English.



Basic Czech Words/Phrases

Dobrý Den – Good Day (usually said to say Hello)

Ahoj – hello and goodbye (people you know)

Děkuju – Thank you

Prosím – Please, You’re Welcome, Repeat please etc.

Ano – yes

Jo – yes slang

Ne – No

Hello, my name is Stephanie Nicole. I am a teacher, over-thinker, and obsessive picture taker. Currently, I am teaching English abroad.

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  1. We visited Prague this summer, and it’s now one of our favorite cities. We weren’t there long enough to purchase a transportation pass, but we do that in other cities, so I’m sure it’s the way to go for you. Prague is a walkable city, filled with so many fabulous buildings and bridges. Best wishes to you in 2017. And thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. — Rusha Sams

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