Krakow Itinerary

 Krakow, Poland

This is a post of the basic Krakow itinerary my friends and I did.

Click here for the video of our trip. And look at my Facebook page for other photos posted.


We were right. This was not an easy place to go to. However, we all agreed it is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life. I didn’t feel like it was a place to take many photos so I only took a few and the few I took, I believe, speak volumes.


The entrance into Auschwitz. “Work sets you free”


Execution wall in Auschwitz.


The road where they did role call of all the prisoners.


Birkenau entrance


Toilets in one of the buildings inside Birkenau.


This is a cart model that people traveled in on their way to concentration camps. About 50-80 people were crammed inside one of these at a time.



The second full day we were in Krakow, we decided to walk around the city. The castle was fairly close to us so we headed in that direction. We did not go into this castle but instead just walked around it. When we got to the main area on top we noticed a bar and decided to have a beer while we watched the sunset. Castle beer = the best kind! We shut the castle down…but really. We were kicked off the castle grounds at the end of the night.

img_9334 img_9280 img_9266 img_9336

Eat Eat Eat

Now we have gotten to the part where we talk about the food. Pierogies to be exact. Poland is known for their dumplings called pierogies. They can be sweet or savory. I only tried the savory kind but if the sweet are anything like the savory then I’m sure you’re in for a real treat! My friend kept a count of how many pierogies she ate on this three day trip. That number came out to 32. Thirty-two delicious pierogies. I’m sure my number isn’t far off from that considering we ordered the same thing almost everywhere we went. We tried them boiled and fried. We went to a place called U Babci Maliny and it was really good. Slow service but good food – we suggest the boiled pierogies at this location not the fried.


Old Town and Jewish Quarter

We also explored the main square and Jewish Quarter. Very easy to walk to both locations. Old Town reminded me of Prague – just more open and less people. I was sad to have missed the Christmas Markets by one weekend.

img_9172img_9277img_9333 img_9337 img_9320






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