Lists Galore

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love to make lists. I make lists about what I need to make a list about. Half the time I lose my lists and never see them again, making it impossible to get the satisfaction of check off an item on the list. My goal is complete a list of mine, so I’ve decided to create this section of my blog. Can’t lose them now! Unless, I forget my password…

Well anyways, here you will see a list of my lists (see what I mean?!). Click on the list you want to check out and give some feedback! Let me know what you have done on my lists, share your experiences, give me ideas for a new list, help me add to my lists, etc.


30 Before 30 – Follow me as I try and accomplish each item on my list before November 21, 2021.

Countries List – There are many countries I would love to see but this is a list of my top 30.

Georgia List – I have lived in GA basically my whole life, but there is still so much to do and see. When I return home I hope to start crossing some of these off.

Foods List – As I eat, the list will grow! Simple as that.

Thailand List – Things I hope to do before leaving Thailand.

US Cities List – This is a list of the top 30 US cities I want to visit. I want to see more but I’ll stick to 30 for now.