Foods List

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Foods I Believe Deserve a Shout Out

This is a list containing different foods I’ve tried all over the world. You will see crazy foods, traditional dishes, or foods that were a first for me. They are separated by the area I first tried the food.

Central America

  • Casado – Costa Rican dish (typically for lunch)
    • Every cook has their own spin to this dish but typically you get white rice, black beans, plantains (sweet or salty), small salad, and grilled chicken or fish.
  • Gallo Pinto – Costa Rican Breakfast
    • The idea behind this dish is you take the leftover rice and beans from the previous day and you mix them together and create a dish for breakfast. I believe that is how this dish came about and it is glorious!
  • Plantains
    • LOVE THESE THINGS. Sweet or salty they are amazing. I first had these in Costa Rica and I fell in love.
  • Ceviche
    • Tilapia, lime juice, cilantro, and finely diced vegetables. I first had this typical Central American dish in Costa Rica as well. I liked it but it is not something I will go out of my way to order again.
  • Agua de pipa aka: Coconut water straight from the coconut – called agua de pipa in Costa Rica and Panama
    • First time drinking from a coconut – Montezuma, CR. It was so good. I bought many coconuts in CR to stay hydrated while I lived/traveled there. Something about the heat makes the taste of the coconut so much better.
  • Papaya
    • Not my cup of tea. I first had this fruit in CR and wasn’t a fan and I thought I would give it another chance in Thailand. Still not a fan. At least I’ve tried it a few times and not just once. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a papaya girl.
  • Palmitos – the heart of palm
    • Pickled – Costa Rica
      • Again, not for me.
    • Fresh – Thailand
      • The dish I had them with it was not bad
  • Sopa Negra – Costa Rica (not sure if it is only Costa Rican) – Favorite dish at my home-stay
    • Black bean soup: avocado, tortilla strips, diced tomatoes, diced onion, diced tri-peppers, cilantro, hard boiled egg
  • Red Snapper
    • The fish that changed my life! I had this for the first time in Puerto Viejo, CR. It was also the first I had ever eaten fish off of a bone (head and all). Our bartender had to show us how to eat the fish and not miss any meat. Here is a little fun fact our bartender told us – most of the time the best meat of the fish is the cheek.

Southeast Asia

  • Khao Neeow – Sticky Rice
    • The rice that changed my life! This is a staple to Isaan (Northeast Thailand). You can eat this rice with your street meat on the go with your hards – HOW GREAT?!
  • Khao Man Gai – Chicken and Rice
    • When translated to English it the dish sounds super boring. But the Thai’s know how to make this boring name dish and turn it into a magical thing. The rice is cooked in chicken stock and it comes with a certain sauce. It’s actually a very complicated dish to make but when done correctly it’s delicious. I have found my spot here in Bueng Kan!
  • Tom Kha Gai – Chicken and Coconut Soup
    • Soups in Thailand can be tricky if you aren’t aware of what is in them. First thing you will notice is the amount of lemongrass used in the soup. The lemongrass gives it such a great flavor but be sure NOT to eat it!
  • Graprow Gai – Chicken and Basil
    • Don’t forget to say “pet nit noy kha/krap.” This will tone the spiciness just a tad. Graprow gai is one of the spiciest dishes I have had. I love spicy but the Thai’s take it to a whole new level.
  • Som Tom – Spicy (Green) Papaya Salad
    • Delicious – I will miss this food after Thailand.
  • Kai Ping – Mixed Skewered Eggs
    • Typically you get four eggs on a skewer. These eggs are basically scrambled eggs in the shell. It’s kind of crazy how they do it. Some how they take the egg out of the shell without ruining the shell, then cook the egg and put the cooked egg back inside the shell. When you eat it you just take and egg off the skewer and crack the shell off and eat the egg like it’s hard boiled. They are quite yummy, however, I cannot egg all four eggs by myself.
  • Chicken Liver
    • I do not know how to say it in Thai, and I also know that in the South back home fried chicken liver is very much so a thing. This was not fried. I had two big bites – the first bite was okay but still not something I would ever buy on my own, the second bite was chewy and that’s where I called it quits.


  • Goulash
  • Pierogies
  • Currywurst