The Place We Turned into Pierogies

Krakow, Poland

Pierogi’s anyone…? 

Yes, we believe this is the place we turned into pierogies because we ate so many.

Click here for the video of our trip.

Overnight Bus

Overnighting from Prague to Krakow – I’ve been in worse conditions traveling before. My Krakow trip didn’t come close to the worse travel experience I’ve endured!

We decided to take the night bus from Prague to Krakow to save some money. We took the red double decker Polski Bus about 7.5 hours from city to city. Sure the seat was small and it barely reclined, but if you remember my trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (the night train disaster) or the miserable transportation from town to town in Laos (one word – tuk tuk …okay two words) then you can understand why I was totally ok with this setup.

Thank you Asia for training me for long trips in uncomfortable situations.


We stayed at Let’s Rock Hostel right in the heart of old town. Walk left and we would end up at the castle. Walk right and we would end up in the Old Town Square. It was perfect. The five of us got a 6 person room – practically a private for us.

Things to Remember


When we first arrived it was about 5am. We had to walk from the bus station to the hostel. Not a long walk – about 20 minutes. We started walking but got turned around and ended up at the train station. I saw a gate that was open and figured we could pass through. At first we didn’t realize it was a gate to the train tracks so we walked through.

Of course, we then noticed it was the train tracks but we didn’t know any other way around them so we did what we were all taught before crossing the road…we looked both ways and made a run for it. Luckily it was early and there wasn’t much traffic coming through at that time. In fact, we only saw two trains just sitting on the tracks.

We made it over the tracks to realize the gate on the other side was locked. So we had to cross half way back to the other side and walk up unto the platform. From there we went down and back up on the outside area. We finally made it to our hostel and decided that we wanted to book a tour of Auschwitz.


We had a similar situation on the way back to the bus station. Originally, we were going to call an Uber to pick us up but when we were leaving there were no cars available. So we had to walk. Of course, the rain came back in and as we were walking it only got harder. The wind was picking up and our umbrellas kept blowing out. (Is that how you explain it? Basically our umbrellas were inside out…)

Well we made it back to the train station and asked around on how to get to the bus station. Everyone was telling us to go through the train station and we’ll get to the bus station through there. So we had to find a way into the train station…my friend found a small area we could throw our bags through and then shimmy our bodies through to get inside the train station. Four of us did this – the fifth walked all the way around and got in the correct way.

Finally, we were in. They must have been doing construction because the place they said to go was completely blocked off. We were running out of time to catch our bus back to Prague. We almost played chicken again with the train tracks but there were a lot of workers walking around this time and we knew we wouldn’t get across without getting in trouble.

So, instead, we asked a worker who told us to go back down and to the same area everyone else was telling us – we explained it was blocked off. Did no one know of this? So we told us to go up the stairs and cross over. We did as he said and we went upstairs – it was a parking deck! No bridge to the bus station. But we saw some people and thought we should ask them. They finally told us a way to get out and over to the bus station side. Thankfully, we made it to our bus just in time! But what an adventure it was.


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