Marietta, Georgia, USA

Marietta, Georgia, USA

Marietta is my hometown, it is where I grew up and the place my parent’s still live. My roots are planted there. I’m what you call a Georgia Peach – reason for that is simply because Georgia is the Peach State. I say “buggy” not “shopping cart,” “y’all” is a word I use on the daily, and I may say “Alanna” instead of Atlanta. The area I grew up in is about 30 minutes north of Downtown Atlanta, because of this I claim Atlanta as my home base. There is so much to do in Atlanta and around it’s surrounding neighborhoods. Atlanta is the big city of the south.

We have many sports teams, with my favorite being the Atlanta Braves. I always try and make it to at least one game a year. Besides the Braves we have the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas have many breweries for you to visit. Sweetwater, Red Hare, and Red Brick are just a few of them to check out. We have a lot of museums and other attractions to see. World of Coca-Cola (haven’t been to the new museum yet), Georgia Aquarium, The High, Six Flags Over GA and College Football Hall of Fame are some to mention. But Atlanta has so much more and if you haven’t taken time to visit you should really start thinking about it.

My family all lives in Georgia now. My sister and her husband live in Downtown Marietta, my sister and her boyfriend live in Smyrna (the city next to Marietta), and my parents live in the same house I grew up in. A lot of my relatives are also somewhere in Georgia.

Side note: Hot-Lanta is not a word you use if you are from the area.